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A Brief History

During the early 1970’s, the Muslims in Huddersfield used private houses and hired various halls for Friday, Eid and Taraweeh prayers.
Masjid Ghausia started operating in May 1976 and has become integral to playing an important role in uniting and serving all Muslims in Huddersfield.

Our Present
The Mosque was originally built to cater for the needs of a handful of local Muslim families, however during the past 10-15 years the Mosque congregation has grown rapidly and now it serves the needs of Muslims all across Huddersfield.

Friday prayers are attended by almost 600 brothers and sisters and the family is growing each day..

State of the Current Mosque

1.    Total capacity: 450 brothers, 200 sisters
2.    Inadequate ablution facilities (3 toilets & 9 wudhu units for men, and (2 toilets and 4 wudhu units for ladies)
3.    Inadequate kitchen facilities
4.    Inadequate funeral facilities
5.    Library closed down due to need for alternative space usage.

Fundraising News

Do you want to fundraise on behalf of Masjid Ghausia, contact us and join the community.